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Developing green skills competencies regarding
food-waste prevention in the hostelry and VET centers
The Project


VET LOVES FOOD is a new European Project mainly addressed to VET teachers, trainers, students and schools. It intends to develop green skills in the agro-food curricula of VET educational pathways and to raise awareness in this sector on food-wasting prevention.
What we do

The project in brief

VET LOVES FOOD is a green skills-oriented project which seeks to achieve SDG 12.3 and help to raise awareness on food-wasting prevention.

The project is directly oriented to VET students, teachers, and trainers; and, indirectly, to a broader audience, such as policymakers and the overall community.

The partners will work to develop specific activities directed to accomplish the main objectives of the project, which are the design of agro-food curricula, the creation of a hands-on manual to prevent food-waste, and the creation of an e-learning hub on food-wasting prevention.
It is expected that the VET LOVES FOOD model may be readapted in VET centers and schools. It is also desirable that both teachers and students, and their near environment, will apply food-wasting prevention tips in their daily life.
4 steps


Green Skills

Identification of Green Skills Curriculum required by the market applicable to agro-food curricula in VET

Hands-On Manual

A hands-on manual for preventing food waste and valorizing traditional recipes and local products

E-learning Course

Design of an e-learning course on the topic of Food Waste Management and Food Prevention

Replication Path

VET LOVES FOOD Replication Path

1 lead partner

Project Coordinator


Spanish Confederation of Vocational and Education Centers

Business organization in the educational sector created in 1977. CECE represents more than 1600 educational centers, between private and subsidized schools, both secular and religious.


6 members



Centros Escolares de Ensino Profissional L.D.A.
VET school, founded in 1990, which goal is to offer VET education for the youngest of the city of Espinho by addressing the local industries’ needs that required technicians to operate in a very competitive market.


Holding Hostelería – Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Bilbao

Initiative of the Hotel and Catering Association of Bizkaia, its main priority is to train future professionals in the hostelry sector, with the same criteria of "excellence" that apply in countries with many decades of tradition and experience in this field.


ENAIP Veneto

ENAIP Veneto Impresa Sociale

Social enterprise - private, non-profit organization, established in 1951. Its main services are iVET, cVET, tailored training and consultancy, etc. Its main training areas are cooking and catering; agro-food; tourism; health and social care.


Business and start-up accelerator

Business and start-up accelerator focused on sustainable growth. Certified training provider addressed to organizations and professionals, acting in the fields of education & training, entrepreneurship & business support.



LEARNINGDIGITAL - Digital competence center

Digital competence center employing new technologies in learning and human resources management workflows. Focused on individuals’ empowerment, applied research, development IT solutions and skills eco-systems.


Association Européenne pour la Formation Professionelle

European network in the field of Vocational Education and Training, representing VET providers across Europe. It works to facilitate the relationship between stakeholders in the field of VET, and it is aimed at both promoting the VET quality and Excellence in Europe and supporting the internationalization of VET providers.