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Rethink, Reduce, Reuse: VET LOVES FOOD and its mission

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Did you know that our food systems today account for nearly one-third of global GHG emissions and consume large amounts of natural resources? Not only does this issue result in biodiversity losses and health impacts, but also do not allow fair economic returns and livelihoods for all actors and primary producers.

With regard to food waste, did you know that the 20% of total food produced is lost or wasted?

According to the European Commission:

  • 8-10% of global greenhouse gas emissions are generated by food that goes wasted.
  • 36.2 million people cannot afford a quality meal every second day.
  • Nearly 30% of the world’s agricultural land is occupied to produce food that is never consumed.

To fight against climate change, VET LOVES FOOD project was born with the aim to support awareness-raising about environmental and climate-change challenges through the development of green skills. In the end, food-waste is an environmental concern: from 6% to 8% of all human-caused greenhouse gas emissions could be reduced if we stop wasting food.

Officially launched the 28th February 2022, the project focuses on activating more sustainable individual preferences, consumption habits, and lifestyles regarding food waste: how?

Pushing through innovative model practices to prepare learners, staff, and students to become true agents of change regarding food waste.

Get involved staying tuned with project’ updates and be part of the change!

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