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VET LOVES FOOD – Newsletter n.2 (March 2023)

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Towards Project Result 2

Being our main aim bringing awareness to the challenges that our food systems cause, the Project Result 2 focuses on the creation of a manual for food professionals and trainers

The manual will be potentially exploitable by any citizen interested in the topic of reducing food waste while giving new life to traditional recipes, following a farm-to-fork approach. VET providers’ contribution in this matter is crucial: in this way, they can enhance the culture of food waste prevention and develop new positive behaviors.

But this can also be achieved through constant dialogues and cooperation with stakeholders from the food value chain, being a key piece in the fight against food waste.

Additionally, the use of a web-based application for food waste monitoring will help to make better use of local products from a food waste prevention perspective.    

Next steps

The next steps, foreseen by the Project result 2, are:

  • Transfer and capitalization of innovative practices to track food waste.
  • Drafting of the manual.
  • Planning and promoting awareness initiatives on Food Waste Prevention and Food Waste Management.

2nd Transnational Meeting in Matosinhos

The VET LOVES FOOD 2nd Transnational Meeting took place in Matosinhos, Portugal, the 24th and 25th November 2022. The face-to-face event brought some insight among all the partners about the next steps to be taken and arrangements for the different tasks of the partners in order to ensure the attainment of the objectives and results.

The VET LOVES FOOD Manifesto

If you want to know more about the VET LOVES FOOD objectives and its main purpose you can check now the new Manifesto, which includes: the reasons of why it is so important to reduce food waste and its impact, what is wanted to be achieved as well as the priorities, and how people in different parts of the chain can help to solve this issue.

 Check the VET LOVES FOOD Manifesto

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