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Los Salvacomidas (the food savers)

FoodSavers is an educational programme aimed at primary education about healthy eating, sustainability and zero waste.

What is FoodSavers?
The Food Savers is an educational initiative of EIT Food. They believe in nutrition education from an early age, as it is at that age when all the basic knowledge and skills that will mark a healthy and sustainable way of life are learnt.

They promote healthy eating and zero waste through educational actions such as our educational programme, FoodSavers missions or interactive games. Discover all the FoodSavers actions and take advantage of our free resources!

If children learn to eat properly today, they can become healthier adults who are committed to the planet.

Who are FoodSavers?
Behind FoodSaavers there is a group of companies and associations absolutely committed to the importance of nutritional education.

Just as basic things like brushing your teeth or saying “Good morning” are learned habits, so is eating.

Haven’t you heard the saying “We are what we eat”? Well, we want the generations to come to be super healthy through our educational programme.

Check the full initiative here!

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