Spelt ravioli filled with liquid pecorino cheese served with sweet and sour cherries and broad bean sauce

Main dish consisting of ravioli made with spelt flour filled with liquid pecorino cheese seasoned with sweet and sour cherries, cream of broad beans, asparagus salad, crumbled fava peel and wafer of wheat formentone 8 file.

The recipe is prepared with all local and typical ingredients from our land (the province of Lucca, Tuscany, Italy) and produced by local biodynamic farmers. Attention was paid to the recovery of all the parts of the ingredients in order to avoid waste: for example of the fava beans in addition to the fruits used to prepare the dressing sauce, the peel (with which, dehydrating, we made a grain) and the skins (with which we made a topping sauce) were used.

The cereals are all typical and autochthonous of our province: the spelt of the Garfagnana and the corn formentone 8 file typical of the Garfagnana too.

The pecorino cheese produced locally has been processed in such a way as to make it creamy to the point that it can be used as a filling of a ravioli designed on the type of Chinese ravioli. The cherries have been processed to obtain a sweet and sour compote. The edible rind of the cheese was used in addition to the formentone 8 file corn flour to obtain crunchy waffles.

Prepared all these ingredients, we steamed the ravioli, after which we grilled them. Once ready, we cover a serving dish with fava bean sauce, we laid on top of the ravioli. We garnished each ravioli with sweet and sour cherry, dried fava bean peel, 8 rows formentone wheat waffles and asparagus salad. To be served warm: when You cut the ravioli with the fork, the pecorino cheese filling gently and creamily comes out and mix with all the other flavours and let your mouth have a tridimensional experience.