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Sustainable Food Practices: VET LOVES FOOD Project and Beyond Webinar

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We wanted to start the year with an eye on sustainability. That is why today, 18th of January 2024, we have hold the Sustainable Food Practices: VET LOVES FOOD Project and Beyond webinar.

Lucrezia Palladini, as coordinating manager of the Project (CECE) opened the floor by introducing the main features of the VET LOVES FOOD Project to the attendees.

Then, the floor has been given to Javier Cuartero, representative of EIT Food, who have presented their latest and most relevant works regarding food sustainability and food waste prevention, at a regional and international scope.

After that, Igor Ozamiz, from Escuela Superior de Hostelería de Bilbao – ESHBI, as partner of the VET LOVES FOOD Project, and coordinating organization of the Result 2, has presented the Project’s Hands-on Manual against food waste. This is a very useful resource to avoid food waste in the HORECA sector, which acknowledge the food waste problem and implements practical solutions to provide more sustainable and conscious cooking techniques within the sector.

Within the framework of the Result 2 of the Project, Sara Herrero, member of European Department of CECE, have presented the main highlights of the RETHINK FOOD Virtual Challenge, an online contest held in the VET LOVES FOOD webpage between May and June of 2023 aimed at collecting sustainable recipes with zero-waste and the lowest carbon footprint possible. Check the recipes of the challenge by entering in the “Sustainble Recipes section” of the VET LOVES FOOD Hub.

One of the most remarkable moments of the webinar has been the intervention of Simone Carone, teacher at Zefiro – Società Coperativa Sociale, in behalf of the Quoquomodo Group, the winners of the RETHINK FOOD Virtual Challenge. Simone have explained the origin of the recipe that won the challenge, Spelt ravioli filled with liquid pecorino cheese served with sweet and sour cherries and broad bean sauce. Simone’s intervention has been an inspiration to all of us on how sustainable, zero-waste practices can be at the vanguard of a more conscious and inspirational cuisine nowadays.

The webinar has been closed with the final intervention of Lucrezia Palladini, this time by presenting an overview of the VET LOVES FOOD hub and the e-learning course From Waste to Taste.

We want to thank all the attendees their participation in the webinar.  For those who could not attend the webinar, or for those who want to re-watch the webinar, the recording of the event will be available soon on our website.

Stay tuned to our social media! We will share the news on the webinar there!

We remind all the attendees that our Hands-on Manual is available in the four languages of the Project (Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English) in the VET LOVES FOOD website.

Don’t forget to join our community and be part of the Change!

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