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The beginning of the year 2024 is a great moment to recap the main highlights of the VET LOVES FOOD Project during the year 2023. One of those highlights was the Third Transnational Meeting of the Project, which was held the days 4th and 5th of July, in the impressive city of Florence.

The two-days meeting, hosted by the italian partner of the Project, Learningdigital, gathered the Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Belgium partners of the Project in the historical venue of the Murate Idea Park, a former prison converted into a business incubator.

During the meeting, the VET LOVES TEAM discussed the following key points:

  • The exciting news on the extension of the Project until May 2024.
  • The explanation of the winning recipes of the RETHINK FOOD Virtual Challenge, being the 1st place for the Spelt ravioli filled with liquid pecorino cheese served with sweet and sour cherries and broad bean sauce of Quoquo Modo group (Zefiro Società Cooperativa Sociale).
  • The final remarks for the drafting of the VET LOVES FOOD Hands-on Manual on Food Waste prevention, which is now available in our website in English, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.
  • The next steps to be taken regarding the Result 3 of the Project, which now are observable in the new functionalities of the VET LOVES FOOD hub and the development of the e-learning course “From Waste to Taste”, soon to be available in the VET LOVES FOOD website.
  • The organization  of the VET LOVES FOOD Joint Training Event. Both the e-learning course and hub were tested in Conegliano (Italy) by a selected group of VET students and trainers of the HORECA sector during the VET LOVES FOOD Joint Training Event (read more about it here).

The meeting in Florence was, as well, a great opportunity to learn more about the history, culture, and gastronomy of the Tuscany region… and to do some tourism in an outstandingly beautiful city.

The Transnational meeting of Italy was the penultimate one of the VET LOVES FOOD Project. The Project is coming to an end. The next meeting, which will held in Belgium in the Spring of 2024, and that will be hosted by EVTA, will be the last one.

We hope to see you all there in the Final Conference!

Don’t forget to follow us in our social media and be part of the change!

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